Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: The Carnival Sunshine

Saturday, July 4

You'll spend Independence Day on the High Seas. Carnival has promised us a day of unforgettable celebrations and excitement that is slated to be a BONUS to your already-incredible Magical Mystery experience. This will be your day to enjoy everything that the ship has to offer. Be sure to partake in the festivities as you create memories of a Fourth of July that you'll tell your friends about.

Your adventure of a lifetime will culminate with a farewell dinner that night as you tearfully say "until we meet again on the High Seas" to your new entourage of close sleuthing colleagues.

Wednesday, July 1

At 8am, we'll dock at Freeport on Grand Bahama Island where you'll sway to the lively island music and eat at picturesque spots just waiting for your arrival. An optional tour sponsored by the Magical Mystery Cruise will take you to parts of the island that you otherwise wouldn't see.

By the time our ship leaves at 7pm, you'll have soaked up the sun and the spirit of the Caribbean culture. Expect dinner conversation to focus on your day in the second-largest city in the Bahamas  - as well as on the magic and mystery that will continue the excitement leading to another pirate port the next day.

Monday, June 29

You can take this day at sea as an opportunity to relax and explore your floating luxury hotel, OR you can be part of a Mystery Writing Boot Camp, during which Chief Inspector Jack Pachuta himself will share his well-honed method of writing and staging murder mystery events.

​You'll receive a copy of his "Super-Secret Murder Mystery Writing System" and be able to work with him on your own whodunit. He'll even arrange private time when you can individually discuss your budding best-selling murder mystery. Then, expect more magic and mystery at dinner.

Sunday, June 28

We'll board The Carnival Glory and indulge ourselves with celebratory food and drink. ​To kick off your adventure, you'll find out more about your "true identity" and those of the pirating scalliwags around you.​

You'll have the chance to get to know your fellow suspects and investigators as you team up to figure out what you'll need to do to solve the case. Our dinner will be served in a secluded sleuthing section of the ship's dining room where the plot will thicken and clues will magically appear. 

Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: Charleston, SC

Saturday, June 27

Although our ship, The Carnival Glory, won't embark until the next day, New Orleans, with its historic buildings and Southern hospitality is a city you'll want to see before your Magical Mystery gala kicks off.

The staff of our legendary cruise agent, Captain Lou Edwards, is busily arranging discounts at hotels for you to take advantage of. We consider New Orleans to be part of the entire experience and a city that you'll want to learn more about. It will jump start your investigation of our pirate-themed mystery.

Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: The Carnival Sunshine
Fares and Booking Information for the Magical Mystery Cruise

Our adventure begins in historic New Orleans, then embarks aboard The Carnival Glory for Key West, Freeport and Nassau.

Mysteries on the Net, PO Box 191, Cedarburg, WI 53012 (262)377-7230

Friday, July 3

This, our final day of magic and mystery, is one that we'll spend at sea.  Our Magical Mystery Cruise investigation will finish with a flourish. Magician Paul Noffsinger will share with you his "Mystery Collection" of magic tricks that you can take home with you to amaze your family and friends.

And then, we'll solve the case. If you've paid attention and effectively conspired with your teammates, identifying the guilty party will be easy and very satisfying as you expertly run through motive, means and opportunity.

Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: Charleston, SC
Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: The Carnival Sunshine
Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: The Carnival Sunshine

Sunday, July 5

Our ship will dock at New Orleans at 8am. You'll undoubtedly be having breakfast with some of your new friends while sharing memories of the past week with good food, good conversation, and good stories that will be told and retold for many years.

Thursday, July 2

At 8am, we'll dock at Nassau on New Providence Island. As the capital and commercial center of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, this city of nearly a quarter of a million people will impress you with a uniquely Caribbean metropolitan atmosphere. Many notorious buccaneers such as Blackbeard and Henry Morgan walked its streets and planned their next escapades in the 18th-century. Nearby, the resort area of Paradise Island has become an international attraction.  

At dinner that night, you'll receive your final clues. Don't be surprised if many of them refer to your day in Nassau.

Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: The Carnival Sunshine
Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: Mystery Writing Boot Camp
Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: The Carnival Sunshine
Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: The Carnival Sunshine

Space on the Magical Mystery Cruise is limited. Pay your refundable cruise deposit TODAY!

Tuesday, June 30

At 8am, we'll dock at Key West, Florida where you can explore the many bars, restaurants and scenic spots at the southern-most spot in the continental United States. Don't be shocked to see several Ernest Hemingway look-alikes patrolling the streets. After all, Key West was his personal realm.

Some of you will be aggressively searching for pirating clues that were hinted at during dinner the night before. It wouldn't be a good mystery without including clues that only Key West could yield. Our ship will embark at 5pm - in time for more mealtime mystery, magic and camaraderie while we watch the sun setting over the Caribbean.

Our Itinerary:

New Orleans, Key West, Freeport, Nassau

Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: June 6 -13, 2020
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