The Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: Magician Paul Noffsinger

Our first-ever “Magical Mystery Cruise” will combine my murder mystery events with the talents of magician Paul Noffsinger to orchestrate a unique entertainment spectacular filled with intrigue and the unexpected. 

Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: Charleston, South Carolina
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The Mystery Collection: Magical Murder Mystery Cruise


The Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: Chief Inspector Jack Pachuta
Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: Key West, Florida
Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: Havana, Cuba
Magical Mystery Cruise: May 9 - May 16, 2020

Chief Inspector  Jack Pachuta


June 6 - 13, 2020

Mysteries on the Net, PO Box 191, Cedarburg, WI 53012 (262)377-7230

​​​​​​The planning is underway to excite murder mystery and magic lovers with a package featuring a challenging pirate-themed whodunit highlighted by the appearance of clues in a rather unorthodox manner. This cruise extravaganza has never been done before - that’s why it’s so appealing.


The Magical Mystery Cruise won’t embark from Miami, Fort Lauderdale or any of the other cities that your friends and neighbors have used has a point of embarkation. Instead, you’ll start your adventure of a lifetime in CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, a city that was a safe haven for pirates in the early 1700s. Blackbeard himself walked its streets and a legend says that somewhere in the city is a drinking goblet that was fabricated from his skull. (Hmmm – interesting plot idea. But, I digress.)

In fact, you’ll spend a full-day in Charleston BEFORE embarking, visiting pirate property, hearing tales of buccaneers, and setting the stage for the murder mystery at sea – an unforgettable bonus to your itinerary. Negotiations with hotels are currently underway to find the best possible deal for our band of sleuths.

THEN . . .

We’ll set sail for two other notorious pirate hangouts, KEY WEST, FLORIDA and HAVANA, CUBA. You read that correctly. Cuba is now open for business, and what better place to pinpoint murder mystery clues and recreate the past than in a city that was founded shortly after America was discovered? Is your interest piquing? There’s even more.

Aboard the cruise ship, you’ll be invited to participate in two interactive programs. Paul Noffsinger will teach you the secrets of magic intrinsic in “The Mystery Collection,” and I’ll share with you my personal method for creating memorable murder mystery events in a mini-Mystery Writing Boot Camp. When you return to your landlocked life, you’ll dazzle your family and colleagues with what you’ve mastered on the cruise.


Since there's "more to come" about the cruise, you'll want to keep current with what we're planning and, of course, you'll need to know what's included in the complete murder mystery package along with pricing options. All of the cruise information should be ready to go by mid-May. Fill in the form at the top of the page and you'll be in the loop as we finalize your Magical Mystery Cruise. You won't want to miss the boat!


Jack Pachuta

​The Chief Inspector

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