Our 2013 Mystery Cruise to Central America

Our Mystery Cruise to Spain, France, Italy, Corsica & Gibraltar

 murder mystery cruiseS

Join a Select Cadre of Murder Mystery Enthusiasts

and Solve a Challenging, Customized Case while

Enjoying Intriguing Ports of Call!

We are no longer taking reservations for 2018.

Watch for updates about our 2019 Murder Mystery Cruise.

Mysteries on the Net, PO Box 191, Cedarburg, WI 53012 (262)377-7230  www.mysteries-on-the-net.com

      Chief Inspector  Jack Pachuta

Our 2014 Alaska Mystery Cruise

Our Mystery Cruise to Belize,

Panama & Costa Rica

​​The Cruise Packages Are Available EXCLUSIVELY Through This Website.
Even Cruise Lines Can't Directly Sell Them To You!

Only those who book the cruise through Mysteries on the Net will be eligible to attend our exciting events. If some of the other passengers want to participate, they won't be able to. Just our close-knit Inner Circle of customers will be able to take advantage of this offer. You'll have a personal role in a murder mystery extravaganza that will be the envy of your friends and sleuthing associates. Look around the Internet. You won't find another event that matches this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

By Now, You're Asking, 

"What Do You Know About Murder Mystery Cruises Anyway?"

I'm glad you asked. You could check out the many testimonials from satisfied murder mystery customers on my Mysteries on the Net website. You'll see letters and photos of the many people from around the world who have enjoyed my murder mystery events.

And, just look at the photos of the murder mystery fans who joined our excursions to Central America, the Mediterranean Sea, and Alaska. On those cruises, we not only enjoyed the intrigues of murder mystery investigations, but we also enjoyed the sights and sounds of destinations that most people only read about in travel magazines.

Many of our cadre of sleuths vowed to meet again on the high seas for our next seagoing sleuthing spectacular. You'll undoubtedly meet some of them on our Murder Mystery Cruise. And, don't be surprised if you forge lifetime bonds with them and with your other fellow cruisers.

Still have questions? 

Call my friend, Captain Lou Edwards, at Special Events at Sea. Reach him at 888-I-WANNA-GO. (That's 888-492-6624.) Just say "Hey, Captain, I wanna go on a murder mystery cruise with the Chief Inspector." He'll tell you all about this maritime sleuthing adventure.

So . . . let's meet on the high seas for fun, intrigue and excitement. 


Jack Pachuta

The Chief Inspector


What would it be like to enjoy the intrigues of a murder mystery while reveling in the amenities of a cruise ship that reeks of fun and adventure? Think about it. You'll take in the sights and sounds of destinations many people only dream about while traveling aboard a world-class floating hotel. 

Sound Too Good To Be True? Well, Think Again!

The investigative staff at Mysteries on the Net has been diligently following all leads with Captain Lou Edwards, a premier cruise agent, to plan events that could be the highlight of your murder mystery career.

They Are Much More Than Seagoing Murder Mystery Parties!

Yes, you'll find other murder mystery cruises, but you won't find one that compares to ours. Not only will you participate in an ongoing murder mystery event, but you'll also have the option of attending my exclusive murder mystery writing workshop. You'll learn the techniques of writing and staging your own mystery party when you revert to your land-locked detective lifestyle.

That's Right . . .

On the Murder Mystery Cruises, I'll share with you a Mystery Party writing technique that's been honed to a fine edge over the past three decades. The cruises feature:

  • A complimentary bottle of wine awaiting you in your stateroom AND an exclusive reception with an open bar for mystery cruisers on our first evening at sea. ($60 value)

  • A special ongoing murder mystery event that will incorporate clues from our ports of call. You'll have a role in what goes on. You could even be a "prime suspect." The inns that stage my mysteries charge an average of $425 per couple for a murder mystery weekend. (That's $212.50 per person.)

  • Five Murder Mystery Party kits of your choice from the Mysteries on the Net website ($228.85 value).

  • Five Kids Mystery Party kits of your choice from the Kids Mysteries website ($83.84 value).

  • An optional mystery writing workshop (with private consultations) that will give you a step-by-step process for developing your own whodunits, including my Super-Secret Murder Mystery Writing System Workbook. (A $497 value).

  • A copy of my DVD "How to Write the Perfect Murder Mystery Party ($29.95 value).

  • A copy of "5-Minute Mysteries" ($12.95 value).

  • An 8"X10" group photo to record your memorable voyage ($20 value).

SO . . . When you book the cruise, you'll receive $1171.10 worth of murder mystery value absolutely FREE!!!!


  • Networking opportunities for all mystery cruisers. Other cruisers will be assigned to remote areas of the dining room. Our group will have a separate Sleuthing Section with the freedom to meet and mingle with murder mystery aficionados.

  • Special secret sleuthing extras that I can't discuss yet under penalty of unspeakable consequences.

Of course, our private sleuthing reception and dinner-time networking opportunities are, in reality, "priceless." You'll remember them for years. 


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