The Magical Mystery Cruise has been cancelled. Here’s why.

Our itinerary would have taken us to both Nassau and Freeport, two ports of call that were hit hard by Hurricane Dorian. While Nassau is again open for cruise business, Freeport’s devastation was extensive and, according to reports, it will take many years for the city to fully recover.

Despite this, Carnival Cruise Lines hasn’t updated our ship’s itinerary with an alternate port. The line has taken the position that it will wait and see what happens with the city’s rebuilding. Carnival feels it’s possible that Freeport will be ready to accept cruise ships by the spring of next year.

Reviewing the available information about Freeport’s situation, we STRONGLY disagree and have decided to refrain from placing our mystery cruisers in an environment that would detract from the enjoyment of our unique adventure.

After examining other options and trying to somehow find an alternative that would ensure a high-quality event, it became clear that the best course of action would be to pull the plug and to try again in the future.

Those of you who have already put down deposits, will be receiving FULL REFUNDS from Carnival within the next two to four weeks. Your credit cards will be credited for the funds you put down to be part of our excursion.

We sadly will not be with you on our scheduled Magical Mystery Cruise, but we will keep you posted of our plans.

Jack Pachuta

Our first-ever “Magical Mystery Cruise” will combine my murder mystery events with the talents of magician Paul Noffsinger to orchestrate a unique entertainment spectacular filled with intrigue and the unexpected. 

Jack Pachuta

The Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: Magician Paul Noffsinger


Magical Mystery Cruise

Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: June 6 -13, 2020

Due to the tragic events in the Bahamas, we're starting from scratch. Sign up for updates to keep current with our revised plans.

The Magical Murder Mystery Cruise: Chief Inspector Jack Pachuta

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